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At our core, the attorneys of Herssein Law Group, have decades of combined litigation experience with the ability to litigate almost anything. At its derivation, litigation is all the same. The ability to litigate well involves the capability to fully understand the relevant facts and law that apply to a specific case, and the skill to present that case in a compelling fashion. Our attorneys have handled thousands of litigation cases, giving us many opportunities to sharpen our skills in general litigation. Rest assured that we have the skill and resources to take on even the most complex cases.

At Herssein Law Group, we tailor our litigation to suit the needs of each unique case in order to achieve successful results for our clients. We have a very strong litigation practice, and have represented a wide variety of individuals, businesses and insurance companies through the years. We have knowledge of the state court systems as well as administrative proceedings.

Our focus is to achieve the best and most immediate results for our clients, regardless of the length of litigation. We gladly achieve dismissals of cases from our opponents shortly after a case is assigned to us, knowing that achieving great results is what leads us to receive more business from our clients.

At Herssein Law Group, we invest significant resources, time and effort into every case that we litigate. Efficiency, expediency and cost containment for our clients are of upmost important to us. We work zealously on behalf of our clients in order to ultimately reach a successful conclusion.